Level 1 Commerce

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr B. Megson

Commerce is the use and exploration of accounting, economic, and business concepts and models to make sense of society, and solve problems. In this subject, ākonga will build the knowledge, skills, and values they need to navigate, and participate in, the economic world. They will learn how participants in the economic world make decisions, and they will analyse how these decisions impact on sustainability.

Ākonga will learn that decision making is necessitated by scarcity, and that decisions are informed by a variety of cultural perspectives and lenses. Learning and assessment will examine Māori, Pacific, and other approaches to commerce, and business models from whānau and organisation contexts.




Number of Credits

Demonstrate understanding of an organisation's financial decision



Demonstrate understanding of an organisation’s financial viability



Demonstrate understanding of financial interdependence




Use a commerce model to demonstrate understanding of price





  1. All credits gained in Commerce will count towards an ākonga’s NCEA Level 1 certificate in 2022.
  2. As a pilot subject, ākonga need to enter and participate   in all four of the assessment standards
  3. Ākonga will need to be prepared to work in groups.
  4. Ākonga will require their own computer device for research purposes and assessment completion including externals. (All externals are to be completed digitally)
  5. Ākonga will be expected to interact with members of the community. It is hoped that members of the community will act as mentors for the ākonga taking Commerce.
  6. Level 1 Commerce will provide an introduction to those ākonga wanting to take Level 2 Accounting and /or Level 2 Economics



Course Selection is confirmed at the start of 2022.  You can change the courses you have selected up until the start of next year provided there are still spaces in the course you wish to change to.

Some courses may become unavailable due to the number of students taking the courses or changes in staffing.

New courses may also be introduced, in which case you will be notified and given the opportunity to select the new course.

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