Year 11 Digital Art

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Becker

Entry Requirements

This course would suit students who have taken Art in Year 10. Students with no art background who wish to take up Year 11 DigiArt should talk to Ms. Becker regarding whether this course would suit the students interests and ability.

Year 11 Digital Art will suit students who enjoy and have some talent in hands on activity to create a variety of art works. Students will also learn basic Photoshop skills. To be successful at this subject it would be useful if students have enthusiasm and skill for art and making. Students will need to be able to think creatively and imaginatively to develop ideas.



This course aims to build and refine skills in Photography techniques including Photoshop and foundation Design skills. Students will also learn how to develop ideas through analysis, artists’ model research, concepts and techniques. 

Course Content:

The main focus of the course is to strengthen skills in:

  • Design

  • Photography

  • Layout design

  • Photoshop skills

  • Idea development

Planned Total Credits Offered 22

For further information see: Ms Robson

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Design, Level 2 Painting, Level 2 Photography

Success in Level 2 Year 11 Digital Art will provide students with the basic knowledge and skills that will be useful for studying Level 2 Photography, and Design. This course is also important if students want to study Art, Design, Photography and Film based degrees or want to make their career in a creative industry.