Level 1 Digital Technologies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Mc Intyre

Entry Requirements

It is an expected prerequisite, that you will have some ICT skills in order to complete the course. Knowledge of file management procedures is absolute. An ICT Skills Assessment will determine which units you will follow.  Note: entry to the course is at the discretion of the Teacher-in-charge Digital Technologies. 


Students are introduced to aspects of the use of ICT to solve problems and provide solutions to given scenarios that relate to the real world. Students will also be required to discuss ideas surrounding the use of IT in the wider world. You will gain introductory skills in game development, 3D animation, software programming, database programming, and app development.
Digital Technologies comprises of Digital Information, Digital Media, Programming and Computer Science.
The Level 1 Digital Technologies course consists of the following:
• Theory-based research where you will explore aspects of hardware and software advantages of using different computer applications for completing different tasks
• Practical-based ‘digital media’ where you will explore digital media outcomes such as graphics, web page programming, document design, and python language based programming.

Planned Total Credits Offered 14 plus

For further information see: Ms Strydom

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Digital Technologies

Supplementary Materials/ Equipment

$25 Note: You are also required to have sufficient printing credit for your assignments. You will need to buy this credit separately from the cashier. Fees are to be paid within the first 5 weeks of the course.
Resources Required: Earphones or Headphones.


Course Selection is confirmed at the start of 2022.  You can change the courses you have selected up until the start of next year provided there are still spaces in the course you wish to change to.

Some courses may become unavailable due to the number of students taking the courses or changes in staffing.

New courses may also be introduced, in which case you will be notified and given the opportunity to select the new course.