Police Academy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Shanley

Entry Requirements

The Police Academy is a structured pathway opportunity for senior students (Year 13). It is an opportunity for senior students to gain knowledge and understanding as well as hands-on experience relevant to a career in the New Zealand Police Force.

Learning and practical activities are done in the class room, at outside facilities and in conjunction with the New Zealand Police, Police College and SADD’s.

Students gain credits at school that bypasses their need to do the Police course at Unitec once they are enrolled with the Police. These are National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) standards. 

Police Academy is about making learning relevant and to increase students’ understanding of roles within the New Zealand Police through topics provided by the police.

The programme totals 22 credits, plus the option to do additional credits.

  • Industry Based Units: A learning plan is designed for the students and provides details of study and assessment requirements.
  • PAT: All students work towards achieving the Physical Appraisal Test as well as the in class units. They will be tested on this at the beginning and end of the year by the New Zealand Police.

Students will be provided with industry specific units which allows them to enter into the recruiting process straight from school should they choose to do so. The certificate for completing the programme is relevant for 2 years after completion if they choose another pathway out of high school. Some of these units may be required to be done outside of school.

Learning Areas:

Careers, Vocational Pathways