How to select my courses

Login to SchoolPoint using your KAMAR Student Portal Login & Password

Watch how to video here:   Select my courses

Navigate to "Select my Courses" in the left hand menu

Your screen will show how many courses you have to select  

Click on 'Learning Areas'

A list of the different learning areas at KBHS will appear, the boxes with a number indicate you must select a course from that department.  Students entering Year 11 will have English and Maths automatically selected for you.  Students entering Year 12 must select English unless you are choosing Automotive Vocational Pathway or Building & Construction Vocational Pathway. 

Click on a Learning Area to see the courses available:

You will be shown the courses available to you in that learning area.  Click on a course to access information about what you will be learning, If you are unsure which course is most suitable for you, talk to your subject teacher or whanau teacher (course choices will be confirmed for you later).

Click on a course:

Here you will find important information, what you will be learning, entry requirements, pathways and what standards you will be assessed against. If that all sounds good then click on the green + Select as one of my courses button.

Your selected courses will appear in the column on the right.  You can then either click on View Courses for Me to see all the courses that you meet the prerequisites for - or go back to Learning Areas.


When you have made your selections, your parent/ Caregiver can login and confirm them for you.

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