Year 10 Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Sundar

Students will be participating in a wide variety of activities to ensure that they have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes in science that are described by the achievement objectives in the New Zealand Curriculum. It is important that students experience science as engaging, enriching, and challenging. A range of possible learning experiences is given in year 10 Science course in all learning strands.

  1. Physical inquiry and physics concepts (Forces, Motion and Electricity)
  2. Properties and changes of matter (Atomic Science, Acids and Bases)
  3. Life process and genetics(life processes common to all living things and basic processes by which genetic information is passed from one generation to the next.)
  4. Earth and space science (Earth systems Investigate the composition, structure, and features)
  5. Nature of Science: An Investigation task in Sports Science (Students learn to develop and carry out more complex investigations, including using models.)


In any programme of learning it is important that assessment information is systematically accumulated to allow judgments to be made about each student’s attainment of the full range of knowledge, skills, and attitudes described by the relevant achievement objectives. This will require the use of a diversity of assessment tasks associated with a range of assessment procedures.

  • Research assessment on Global warming, greenhouse effect
  • Practical (Lab) Assessment for Acids and Bases topic
  • Research assessment -Application of physics concepts in electrical appliances
  • Practical investigation experiment in Sports Science
  • Written tests for some other topics.

Learning Areas:



Level 1 Science General, Level 1 Science with Biology and Chemistry, Level 1 Science with Physics and Space Science