Level 1 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr E. Mc Intyre

Entry Requirements

Competence in an instrument, including solo and group performance experience. Grade 2 Theory Standard (or a 60% mark or higher in 4OPT. Music) - plus at least 1 - 2 years of instrumental tuition is recommended. 

Music incorporates many different kinds of learning including confidence-building, language skills and creative self-expression. The music created and studied at Kelston Boys High School reflects our rich traditions and modern culture.
The aim of the Music department is to serve the school and our community, so all learners are expected to perform and participate in regular public performances in and around the school.
The Senior Music Programme has a practice and research focus. Learners are expected to manage themselves and work independently and collaboratively. Private tuition (including professional lessons, home-based lessons, church-based tuition etc.) will give music learners a major advantage.

The course covers four areas of study:
• Performance – 10 Credits o solo performance, usually 2 ‘contrasting’ items.
o group performance, 1 item.

• Composition – 6 Credits o Creation of 2 original musical compositions in contrasting styles, forms, etc. written out in an appropriate form
o such as notation, guitar tablature or chord and lyrics sheet.

• Aural Skills – 4 Credits o Discernment of aspects of music by listening. (Includes melodic and rhythmic dictation and recognition of chords and metre.) NOTE: Students MUST have prior knowledge of music notation to attempt this standard.

• Literature and History of Music – 6 Credits o Includes assignments based on 2 musical works, plus ongoing study and analysis of scores, performances and the social, political and geographical contexts of music. This standard counts towards ‘literacy’ credits.

Planned Total Credits Offered 22

For further information see: Mr Eamonn McIntyre

Learning Areas:

Arts, Music


Level 2 Music