Frequently Asked Questions - Course Selection



What are the prerequisites for _________ course?

This differs for each course - some have none. You can find the prerequisites if you click on the subject and read further on Schoolpoint. You are welcome to choose the course and submit an exemption.

How late can I change my mind? When are my choices ‘locked in’?

There is a course confirmation day before school officially begins in 2022. Students are invited in on a day to confirm their subjects - you are still able to switch at this point. We do need to be aware though, that some courses may fill up and we could miss out if we don’t start planning now.

What are the easy subjects?

You will find that you might do well in subjects that you have an interest in. All subjects require us to do work. Choose courses based on your career choice.

How many subjects do I get to choose?

This depends on the year level

Year 9 - 8 (5 core, 3 compulsory options)

Year 10 - 7 (5 compulsory, 2 options)

Year 11 - English and Maths are compulsory, plus 4 options

Year 12 - English compulsory plus 5 options

Year 13 - 5 options

What if the subject I need for my career choice is filled up?

You might be able to talk to the teacher directly or speak to Mr Rutherford.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

This differs for each course - some have none. You can find the prerequisites if you click on the subject and read further on Schoolpoint. You are welcome to choose the course and submit an exemption

What is this course about?

Why don’t we have a look at Schoolpoint together?

What subjects can help me get into  ______ career?

Go onto Careers NZ and have a look at your career choice, then you will see the related subjects that lead into it and the study pathway while at school as well as after school.

What if I don’t know what I want to do after school?

Choose a variety of subjects

Talk to Ms Shanley

CareerQuest survey

Choose subjects with teachers who you feel confident you’ll learn well with

Don’t panic about it too much: everything will be useful somehow if you put in the effort

Am I allowed to change my subject in the middle of the year if I don’t like the subject? 

It is best to make that decision at the beginning of the year (within the first 3 weeks) as it is really hard to catch up after that.

DO I need to have done this subject before?

It always helps to have done it before, but you can talk to the subject teacher to ask about how feasible it is to pick it up at this year level.

Which subject gives me more credits after completion 

Most subjects have a minimum of 15-20 credits. Some subjects have the option to do additional standards.

Do I have to take Maths? I’m moving into Year 12

It is strongly encouraged :)

Is gateway for the dumb kids

NO!!!!! Gateway is an important subject for all and any students who are seeking a clear direction for their career pathway.

How many credits do I need to pass this subject?

16 credits for year 11 

14 credits for year 12 and 13

How many credits do I need to pass NCEA?

80 for level 1 and 60 for L2 and L3. Must have at least 10 numeracy and 10 literacy credits. If you dont have NCEA L1, you will need to get 80 Level 2 credits to get NCEA Level 2/3

If I haven't done physics in Level 1, can I take it in Level 2?

Level 1 physics will help a lot for doing level 2, but you might have already covered the level 1 mechanics in your general science course.  It is a challenging course, but definitely achievable if you put in the mahi.

What if I didn’t learn a lot in this subject this year and didn’t get many credits? Will the next level be too hard? (e.g. moving from 11 ENG to 12 ENG)

Learning is a process and credits earned don’t = learning in all cases. Are you comfortable chatting with your teacher or would you like me to support you in this? We may be able to create a programme to help you master any credits you missed out on last year, helping your confidence for Year 12 work.

What are the UE approved subjects we teach at KBHS?


ART DESIGN                



CLASSICAL STUDIES                   


CHEMISTRY                         .

















What do you think I should do?

I think you should do subjects that link to the career you want to pursue in the future. It also helps to choose subjects you enjoy, are passionate about. Let’s look at Schoolpoint/Careers NZ

What do I need for literacy and numeracy?

10 literacy credits at Level 1

10 numeracy credits at Level 1

UE literacy at Level 2 and/or 3 - Reading (5) /Writing (5) /Both

Is P.E. practical?

Yes, there is always a practical component to PE. PE has a large theory component to it, so you can expect to complete report writing and essays in these courses. Have a chat with a teacher from PE about the PE practicals in year 11, 12 and 13.

Who will my teacher be?

Depends on the courses and timetable allocation

Will this course have externals?

Depends on the course. Read the course information summary.

What jobs will my subjects lead me to?

It will be better to look at the career you would like to go into and then look at the subjects required.

Your subject teacher will be able to provide you with the types of jobs that their subject will lead to. You can check these on the Careers NZ website

If I want to be a doctor, which subjects should I take?

If you are interested in the health sciences and a potential medical career, it is important that you have a range of sciences  - biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

How/Where do I select my courses for 2022? (i.e. School Point)

Schoolpoint *There is a link on our school website

Where do I get my username or password to get into schoolpoint?  I don’t have one.

Ask your whānau teacher for your password. They can access it through KAMAR.

How many credits does each course/subject offer me?  

Most courses will offer you anywhere from 17 credits upwards. A course may offer up to 20 credits, with a mixture of internal and externals.

If I am interested in continuing my studies at University, what would you recommend? (course selection / UE Literacy requirements etc)

Check the individual university’s website for requirements

How do I know which courses/subjects give me Numeracy and Literacy credits? 

These are indicated next to the standards

What is the difference between 11SCG & Health Academy? Are the courses different? 

These are separate courses. 11SCG is made up of internal standards. The HPA is a selective programme which you have to apply for. 

Will I be placed in a course/subject that I didn’t choose because of ‘timetabling’? This has happened in the past & I don’t want it to happen again. 

We can only work with the information that we have. The best way to be in the course/subject you want to be in is to spend time choosing these now. If you want to change your mind later, you need to be prepared that courses may have filled up in that time.

Why do we have a ‘cooking room’ (E1) but we don’t offer food technology as a subject? 

The cooking room is currently not equipped to the required Health and Safety requirements. The school also needs to appoint a Food Technology specialist.

How many courses/subjects do we need to select? Y

Year 9: 8 (5 core, 3 compulsory options)

Year 10: 7 (5 core, 2 options)

Year 11: 6

Year 12: 6

Year 13: 5

Is there a waiting list for courses/subjects that I want to get into if I don’t get into it the first time? 

Perhaps. It’s likely that you will have a discussion with Mr Rutherford on an alternative course.

Can Year 10’s ‘sit’ one NCEA assessment towards NCEA Level 1? If yes, which courses/subjects offer this? 

Some core courses (Mathematics, English, Science) may offer one NCEA assessment for Year 10s. 

If I choose Senior Physics (Biology or Chemistry) - will it be combined and taught between two different year levels, or separately? For example - 12 Physics & 13 Physics taught at the same time, by the same teacher. 

Whether classes have combined Year levels depends on the number of students who take this course. Therefore it may be that two year levels have one teacher. However, the content offered will be different for each year level. 

Why is Science not compulsory at Year 11? 

It is not a compulsory requirement in NCEA. However,  it is highly recommended that you take Science as it is a prerequisite subject for many courses at university.

If I am in Year 11/12, can I choose a subject in Year 12/13 if I meet all the requirements? 

Have a discussion with the Department Leader of the course you are wishing to choose. The Department Leader will be able to discuss the course requirements with you. You will then need to discuss this with Mr Rutherford.

I am a current Year 13 student, and looking at coming back in 2022. Can I use SchoolPoint to select my courses? What is the process? 

You need to arrange a meeting with Mrs Blair to further discuss the matter. You need to come prepared with a learning plan for the year.

What is the difference between Achievement Standards & Unit Standards? 

Achievement Standards allow you to get Achieved, Merit and Excellence. They are particularly important if you are interested in going to University. Unit standards are often pass or fail and are more suited for vocational pathways. 

Which courses offer Unit Standards only (or majority)? 

Tourism, Vocational Pathways, Financial Literacy, Recreation, Gateway, Police

I’m wanting to be a _________ , so what subjects should I choose in school? (or vice versa) 

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