Students entering Year 11

Year 11 is the first year of study in the Senior School where students work towards their National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 1.

Students in Year 11 will study 6 courses.  English and Mathematics are compulsory and will be automatically selected for you,   A Science course is highly recommended.

Three different NCEA Mathematics courses will be offered in Year 11 to suit the different abilities of all students studying Mathematics. Students will be placed in a course based on their curriculum levels achieved in Year 10.
Planned Total Credits Offered
Mathematics 1 22 credits
Mathematics 2 18 credits
Mathematics 3 16 credits

When deciding what you would like to study, you should choose courses that:

  • You are good at
  • Will allow you to get the qualifications you need
  • Will lead you to the career you have in mind
  • You enjoy and are likely to do well in
  • Provide a pathway through to year 13
  • Will be broad enough to allow flexibility if you change your mind in the future

N.B. Course availability is dependent on numbers and staffing, and course entry will be confirmed at the beginning of 2021. Students will be required to select additional back-up courses as part of this process.

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